Withum 300 Fun Facts & Figures

withum-300Believe it or not, the end of April will mark the 40th month of Withum 300’s existence. And while we typically share fun information like how many miles we accomplished in any given month or how many people achieved 300 miles are more, here are some facts or figures you might not be aware of:

365: The amount of unique runners who have joined the group since its existence.

334: While 2014 may have been our smallest group (just 42 people), it proved to be our most active runners. That year our group finished with its highest average mileage of 334 miles (compared to 296 in 2015 and 323 in 2016).

223: Having said that, the most amount of miles achieved by a single individual in a given month was 223 miles, which was accomplished in May of 2016. May must be a big month for running, as that was also the highest amount of miles by an individual runner in 2015 (216 miles).

5,659: 2017 is off to a strong start, as we accomplished the most total miles as a group in February of this year with 5,659 miles.

36: While 6,569 miles is no doubt impressive, it averages to about 26 miles for the month. Our highest monthly average, however, is 36 miles. This was accomplished in July of 2014.

116: Number of unique participants who have achieved the Withum 300 challenge, as of December 2016.

15: Number of participants who accomplished the Withum 300 challenge every year since its inception, as of December 2016.

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