Withum 300 Raises Over $27,000 for Staff Hardship Relief Fund


Our Withum 300 health and fitness group was recognized at Monday’s annual State of the Firm event for their efforts by awarding each team member who completed the challenge of running 300 miles or more over the course of 2016 with a personalized Withum 300 running shirt.

And for good reason: our group of 182 active participants ran a total of 55,048 miles, a “personal best” since the program was initiated in 2014. And this wasn’t a matter of simply hitting more miles because more people were participating — the group averaged 303 miles (up from last year) and nine people managed to finish with over 1,000 miles.

That isn’t to take away from the incredible growth of Withum 300. This year’s class saw 84 team members achieve their goal of running 300 miles or more, which is double the amount of people who participated in the program in its initial year.

Perhaps the accomplishment the group is most proud of, however, is the fact that their efforts helped raise significant funds towards the Staff Hardship Relief Fund, which was established in 2012 to financially assist our team members and their families who are experiencing a temporary hardship due to a significant life event. For 2016, the firm generously agreed to donate 50 cents per mile, resulting in $27,524 being contributed to the fund. Since its inception, the Staff Hardship Relief Fund has assisted 17 of the applications received and we are certain these additional funds will go a long way to ensuring that we can continue helping those in need.

Withum has agreed to once again donate 50 cents per mile in 2017 and based on our initial response, we anticipate over 200 runners to join Withum 300 this year.  We can’t wait to see what this year’s group can accomplish!  Be sure to continue visiting our blog to follow our progress and hear our stories!

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