Running Towards a Goal


Believe it or not, Christina Lazaro is the first of our blog contributors who has been participating in Withum 300 since it was created in 2014. And while joining the group didn’t get her to start running, it has changed her attitude towards running and pushed her towards accomplishing previously unthinkable goals. In this month’s blog post, Christina talks about how her perspective of running and the group has shifted over the past three years:

I played soccer my whole life and learned in high school that endurance alone could win a game, so I did track during the off-season to stay in shape. I have always enjoyed running. So when soccer ended, running continued. What I have always liked about running is that you are completely in control of the outcome. It is also time for you, to think, or to not think – whichever is more applicable at the moment.

Before the first year of Withum 300, I never tracked my miles. When the first e-mail about Withum 300 came across, I ignored it. Running was for me. It was my escape. I didn’t want to be held accountable. I didn’t want to stress if I struggled to meet the goal. I wasn’t doing it.

And then Jose Antunes signed me up. Ugh. So there I had it, I would be running 300 tracked miles during 2014. So I did. Christmas Day 2014, I had run 301.3 miles during the year. Merry Christmas to me! Good. Done. Bye, pressure.

And then came State of the Firm 2015, where Bill announced we would be doing it again. Greatttt. Now that I’ve started, I can’t not continue, right? But I already ran 300 miles, so now what?

Four hundred. That’s what. Now I was determined to run 400 miles in 2015. Then sometime during 2015, my attitude began changing. I was exploring new cities by running. I was being encouraged by my fellow Withum 300 runners. I liked being held accountable. I was having fun. I hit my goal and kept going.

This year was approaching. I was ready with my goal of 500 miles and was excited to learn of the incorporation of the 50-cents-per-mile donation to the Staff Hardship Relief Fund. To be able to do something I enjoy with the bonus of my efforts supporting the Fund is so encouraging and fulfilling to me.

I ended November with 565 miles. If someone told me in 2014 that I would run 565 miles in 2016, I would have laughed. I cannot believe the goals I am hitting and how motivated I am. I am excited to continue running along with my Withum family and look forward to setting, and hitting, new goals.

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