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Creating An Exercise Routine

IMG950385Charlie Bramley joined Withum’s Philadelphia office as a partner at the end of 2015. While this is his first year participating in Withum 300, he’s already less than 10 miles away from hitting Withum 300 Gold status (500 miles) as of the end of April. Shown here with his family at a turkey trot 5K last Thanksgiving, Charlie points out how being a successful runner is really no different than being successful in the accounting profession:

Over the years, when I would speak to young people looking to enter the accounting profession, I would be asked what qualities are necessary for one to be successful in the accounting profession. My response to this question was always the same: You must have a strong work ethic and be a self-motivating person. I believe these are qualities that are present in the vast majority of people in our profession. These are also the qualities that I believe are also helpful when speaking of an exercise routines.

There are going to be days when we don’t feel like doing exercising or working out. I am a believer that it is these days that are most important that we do exercise. The reason being that if we allow ourselves to use an excuse one day the second day becomes easier and easier and the routine goes by the wayside. I think one of the biggest reasons why people don’t exercise and is one I used over the years and that is lack of time – I just don’t have the time to exercise.

To that excuse, my answer is a question someone posed to me – you don’t have 10 minutes a day? It does not matter what exercise you do whether it is walking, running, biking etc.… the key is to do something and do it consistently. I believe that the hardest part in adopting an exercise routine is deciding to get started because once you adopt a routine you will feel the benefits. I exercise in the morning and the biggest benefit I get is feeling more energetic to start the day.

Since we are all in the accounting profession you most likely possess the strong work ethic and you are most likely a self-motivated person. Therefore you have the qualities necessary to be successful with an exercise routine. All that needs to be done is to put your mind to adopting a routine. So start a routine and that you can fit into your schedule no matter how small and enjoy the benefits of feeling a little more physically fit.

April 2016 Progress Update

Busy season is officially over and the Withum 300 crew has clearly made up for lost time. As of the end of April, nine people have crossed the 300 mile marker, two have passed the 400 mile threshold, and one person has even conquered over 500 miles — a distinction we celebrate as “Withum 300 Gold” status.

As a group, April proved to be our most successful month yet, achieving over 4,200 total miles! This brings the firm’s contribution to our Staff Hardship Relief Fund to an incredible $8,125!

We would like to congratulate the following people, who have reached or surpassed the following milestones as of the end of April:

10 Miles:
  • Rebekah Albert
  • Carly Luczak
  • Danielle Atkinson
  • Isabelle Wissocki
  • Susan Cohn
  • Gabby Romagnuolo
  • Lauren Lesko
  • Sara Crozier
  • Darko Naumoski
  • Halston Fernandez
  • Jessica Cicero
  • Melody Peaten
  • Erika Halluska
  • Phil Craft
  • Michael Yarrow
  • Susan Murphy
  • Shannon Metz
  • Michael Jones
  • Jamie Quinn
25 Miles:
  • David Good
  • Lauren Naples
  • Steve Yardumian
  • Aamir Ramjoo
  • Debbie Santangelo
  • Kyle Grunstra
  • Diana Cipriano
  • Matthias Burbaum
  • Jeanette Emmons
  • Jennifer Safeer
  • Tanina Besecker
  • Kevin Baumann
  • Gina McAllister
  • Nina Chmura
  • Karen Williams
  • Melissa Soranno
  • Peter Koar
  • Kristin Hayes
  • John Smith
  • Tim Tyrrell
  • Amanda Simanton
  • Jordan Ghaffari
  • Sandi Altavilla
  • John DeAngelo
  • Matt Basilo
  • Kathy Sikora
  • Kathy Huff
  • Taryn Bostjancic
  • Krysten Hambrook
  • Liz Schullstrom
  • Brian Wallace
  • Laura Riso
  • Solomon Feraidoon
  • Lauren Taguer
  • Fran Domitrowski
  • Russell Goldberg
  • Jarrod Rhen
  • Jessica Cohen
  • Melissa Roth
  • Denise Inverso
  • Taka Tanahashi
  • Karen Koch
  • Hillary Flook
  • Cathy Bendall
  • Alex Holderbaum
  • Brian Lovett
  • Allison Gorga
  • Dan Richardson
  • Hal Terr
  • Peter Sullivan
  • Dan Vitale
  • Chris DeMayo
  • Jovana Saponja
  • Teresa Crabtree
  • Maria Inciardi
  • Simone Chuda
  • Lisa Quinones
75 Miles:
  • Stephanie Hill
  • Rob Lightman
  • Jessica Leuthold
  • Sarah Cirelli
  • Adrienne Anderson
  • Kevin Margiatto
  • Helene Morizzo
  • Joe Fede
  • Corie Long
  • Sima Maslow
  • Fatema Raza
  • Jim Mulroy
  • Fallon Gray
  • Paul Kuhl
100 Miles:
  • Amanda Ginder
  • Lisa Frank
  • Michelle Aurich
  • Ryan Herring
  • Robert Schachter
  • Ken DeGraw
  • Jeff Shlefstein
  • Brenna Agamaite
  • Karen Henderson
  • Irfan Raza
  • Zsia Rosmarin
  • Rick Coyne
  • Jim Rickard
  • Joseph Ruppe
  • Steve Talkowsky
  • Lore Bilbao
  • Paul Gergel
  • Myroslava Hreb
  • Tom Girone
  • Kirk Holderbaum
  • Stephen Antenucci
  • Jessica Offer
  • Bill Sansone
  • Amanda Wilkie
  • Emily Furey
  • Nicole DeRosa
  • Adam Daniels
  • Caroline Neves
  • Kimberlee Phelan
  • William McClusky
  • Ray Owens
  • Allesan Palumbo
  • Keirstin Kain
  • Christopher Smith
  • Kelsi Morrison
  • Dolly Ayala
  • Steven Schoer
200 Miles:
  • Ottaviana De Ruvo
  • Donna Palsa
  • Edward Hofma
  • Shawn Henderson
  • Christina Lazaro
  • Jose Antunes
  • Megan Boullianne
  • Rob Reynolds
  • Lisa Cappiello
  • Rhonda Maraziti
  • Doris Martinez
  • Amy Lafontaine
  • Carol McCarty
  • Scott Mariani
300 Miles:
  • Joshua Davis
  • Jim Bourke
  • Tom Angell
  • Matthew Walsh
  • Emmy Zhu
  • Ruth Seip
Withum 300 Silver:
  • Bill Hagaman
  • Charlie Bramley
Withum 300 Gold:
  • Ivan Brown