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My Motivation to Run

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.10.02 PMLore Bilbao just completed “busy season” as an intern in WithumSmith+Brown’s Morristown Office. Lore is a senior at Fairleigh Dickinson University and was one of only two interns to sign up for our Withum 300 program. Here, she shares her story of what drove her to start running and how she stays motivated.

When I first received the e-mail about the Withum 300 challenge, there was no doubt in my mind that I had to join it. Running and for a good cause – it’s really a no brainer. To me, running is something I do not only for my physical well-being, but also for my mental well-being.

I originally got into running when I was a sophomore in high school. To be completely honest, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and I decided it was time for a change. Once I put my effort and determination into something, I know it can be done, so I made a plan and stuck to it. Over time, I lost thirty pounds and I was more comfortable after seeing these results.

Going to the gym is always half the struggle. Once I’m there, I want to be there and give it my all in order to get the most out of a workout. It also helps me Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.11.11 PM2mentally; if I’m having a bad day, sometimes I just want to run it out to release stress and clear my mind. I can also consider it a hobby since it is something I do in my free time and enjoy doing.

The key to being successful, in anything really, is finding your motivation and passion and keeping it alive. I would say don’t consider running an ever dreaded task, but rather consider it as self-betterment. Most importantly, do it only for yourself and your own well-being. Make it fun, run inside and outside to switch it up. It may sound silly, but for me wearing fun clothes sometimes keeps me going.

Although I have never participated in a race or marathon, I can definitely see myself doing it in the future. I’m still just a beginner though, so for now I think I’ll stick to my runs on the treadmill, or across campus taking the scenic route. As the weather gets nicer, I find it easier to get up and moving. So with that, find something that motivates you and stay active my friends!

March 2016 Progress Update

While the heat of “busy season” understandably resulted in our least accumulated miles yet (just over 3,600 miles for the month), the group and several individuals did hit some very important landmarks. Amazingly, four individuals have now officially completed the challenge by hitting or surpassing 300 miles. And one runner even hit our new “Mile A Day” landmark by passing the 366 mile marker. Perhaps most significantly, as a group we hit 11,816 miles for the year, which means over $5,000 will now be donated to Withum’s Staff Hardship Relief Fund.

We would like to congratulate the following people, who have reached or surpassed the following milestones as of the end of March:

10 Miles:
  • Danielle Atkinson
  • Sara Crozier
  • Kevin Baumann
  • Steve Yardumian
  • Michael Jones
  • Donna Nevolo
  • Jeanette Emmons
  • Halston Fernandez
  • Lauren Lesko
  • Susan Murphy
  • Lauren Naples
  • David Good
  • Jessica Cicero
  • Debbie Santangelo
  • Erik Halluska
  • Jamie Quinn
  • Diana Cipriano
  • Nina Chmura
  • Shannon Metz
  • Tanina Besecker
  • Jennifer Safeer
  • Aamir Ramjoo
  • Kevin Margiatto
  • Matthaias Burbaum
25 Miles:
  • Gina McAllister
  • Peter Koar
  • John Smith
  • Melissa Soranno
  • Dan Richardson
  • Sandi Altavilla
  • Brian Wallace
  • Kristin Hayes
  • Matt Basilo
  • Amanda Simanton
  • Lauren Taguer
  • Karen Williams
  • John DeAngelo
  • Brian Lovett
  • Allison Gorga
  • Laura Riso
  • Hillary Flook
  • Liz Schullstrom
  • Cathy Bendall
  • Solomon Feraidoon
  • Kathy Huff
  • Taka Tanahashi
  • Krysten Hambrook
  • Kathy Sikora
  • Alex Holderbaum
  • Helene Morizzo
  • Dan Vitale
  • Melissa Roth
  • Chris DeMayo
  • Jessica Cohen
  • Fran Domitrowski
  • Denise Inverso
  • Simone Chuda
  • Jovana Saponja
  • Taryn Bostjancic
  • Lisa Quinones
  • Caroline Neves
  • Maria Inciardi
  • Russell Goldberg
  • Lisa Frank
  • Jarrod Rhen
  • Teresa Crabtree
  • Karen Koch
  • Sarah Cirelli
  • Fatema Raza
  • Bill Sansone
  • Paul Kuhl
  • Karen Henderson
  • Hal Terr
  • Jim Mulroy
  • Peter Sullivan
  • Michelle Aurich
  • Jessica Leuthold
  • Corie Long
  • Stephanie Hill
  • Joe Fede
  • Sima Maslow
75 Miles:
  • Brenna Agamaite
  • Amanda Ginder
  • Jessica Offer
  • Kirk Holderbaum
  • Steve Talkowsky
  • Rob Lightman
  • Kimberlee Phelan
  • Fallon Gray
  • Ken DeGraw
  • Myroslava Hreb
  • Jeff Shlefstein
  • Ryan Herring
  • Paul Gergel
  • Zsia Rosmarin
  • Adrienne Anderson
  • Robert Schachter
  • Jim Rickard
  • Stephen Antenucci
  • Irfan Raza
  • Rick Coyne
  • Joseph Ruppe
  • Lore Bilbao
100 Miles:
  • Adam Daniel
  • Tom Girone
  • Emily Furey
  • Nicole DeRosa
  • Amanda Wilkie
  • William McClusky
  • Keirstin Kain
  • Christopher Smith
  • Ray Owens
  • Kelsi Morrison
  • Steven Schoer
  • Donna Palsa
  • Dolly Ayala
  • Ottaviana De Ruvo
  • Christina Lazaro
  • Shawn Henderson
  • Allesan Palumbo
  • Edward Hoffma
  • Lisa Cappiello
  • Jose Antunes
  • Megan Boullianne
  • Joshua Davis
200 Miles:
  • Rob Reynolds
  • Rhonda Maraziti
  • Amy Lafontaine
  • Carol McCarty
  • Scott Mariani
  • Doris Martinez
  • Tom Angell
  • Jim Bourke
  • Ruth Seip
  • Bill Hagaman
300 Miles:
  • Matthew Walsh
  • Emmy Zhu
  • Charlie Bramley
Mile A Day:
  • Ivan Brown