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January 2016 Progress Update

In just three years, our Withum 300 community of runners has grown more than we could have imagined. Incredibly, our group now has approximately 195 participants — more than four times the amount we had in our inaugural year!

And this group immediately hit the ground running, accomplishing an average of nearly 23 miles for the month of January. As far as totals go, our runners have accumulated over 4,000 miles, which means the firm will donate an impressive $2,000+ this month to our Staff Hardship Relief Fund.

We would like to congratulate the following people, who have reached or surpassed the following milestones as of the end of January:

10 Miles:
  • Steve Yardumian
  • Teresa Crabtree
  • Lauren Lesko
  • Paul Kuhl
  • Sarah Cirelli
  • Brian Lovett
  • Helene Morizzo
  • John Smith
  • Kathy Huff
  • Laura Riso
  • Solomon Feraidoon
  • Dan Richardson
  • John DeAngelo
  • Amanda Simanton
  • Jessica Cicero
  • Russell Goldberg
  • Myroslava Hreb
  • Allison Gorga
  • Lore Bilbao
  • Lauren Taguer
  • Ryan Herring
  • Liz Schullstrom
  • Alex Holderbaum
  • Karen Koch
  • Simone Chuda
  • Christopher Smith
  • Shannon Metz
  • Fatema Raza
  • Melissa Soranno
  • Kevin Margiatto
  • Kristin Hayes
  • Stephen Antenucci
  • Jim Rickard
  • Keirstin Kain
  • Diana Cipriano
  • Stephanie Hill
  • Paul Gergel
  • Caroline Neves
  • Brad Caruso
  • Chris DeMayo
  • Karen Henderson
  • Maria Inciardi
  • Brenna Agamaite
  • Melissa Roth
  • Jessica Leuthold
  • Joe Fede
  • Dan Vitale
  • Adrienne Anderson
  • Bill Sansone
  • Sima Maslow
25 Miles:
  • Amanda Ginder
  • Jessica Offer
  • Zsia Rosmarin
  • Irfan Raza
  • Fran Domitrowski
  • Jessica Cohen
  • Cathy Bendall
  • Denise Inverso
  • Taryn Bostjancic
  • Rick Coyne
  • Rob Lightman
  • Ken DeGraw
  • Joseph Ruppe
  • Steve Talkowsky
  • William McClusky
  • Corie Long
  • Nicole DeRosa
  • Kelsi Morrison
  • Michelle Aurich
  • Jim Mulroy
  • Ray Owens
  • Hal Terr
  • Amanda Wilkie
  • Kimberlee Phelan
  • Emily Furey
  • Edward Hofma
  • Steven Schoer
  • Fallon Gray
  • Jarrod Rhen
  • Jeff Shlefstein
  • Megan Boullianne
  • Peter Sullivan
  • Rob Reynolds
  • Tom Girone
  • Tom Angell
  • Amy Lafontaine
  • Ottaviana De Ruvo
  • Shawn Henderson
  • Robert Schachter
  • Donna Palsa
  • Christina Lazaro
  • Jose Antunes
  • Dolly Ayala
  • Charlie Bramley
75 Miles:
  • Ruth Seip
  • Rhonda Maraziti
  • Carol McCarty
  • Bill Hagaman
  • Scott Mariani
  • Lisa Cappiello
100 Miles:
  • Jim Bourke
  • Doris Martinez
  • Ivan Brown
  • Matthew Walsh
  • Allesan Palumbo
  • Joshua Davis

Welcome to the Withum 300 Blog!

Welcome to the Withum 300 blog, where you can follow the monthly progress of our group and read about the personal stories of some of our runners.  Now in its third year, Withum 300 was originally conceived by one of our senior accountants as a shared fitness goal to run 300 miles within the year.  Participants were encouraged to cheer each other on while also holding one another accountable for their progress.

Due to the tremendous support of the firm and the sheer enthusiasm of its participants, the group has grown significantly over the past three years.  In 2014, we had 42 total participants, 26 of which completed 300 miles or more.  Over 100 additional runners joined in 2015, bringing our total to 144 (with 66 hitting 300 miles or more).  We have once again experienced amazing growth in 2016, with over 190 people having already signed up.  This group ranges from interns to retired partners, with some running marathons and others just interested in improving their overall health.

In an exciting new perk to our program, WithumSmith+Brown will now be contributing 50 cents per mile to our Staff Hardship Relief Fund.  This fund was established in 2013 when the firm recognized that there was a need within our own Withum family following the destruction of Super Storm Sandy.  Since its inception, the fund has received total contributions of over $173,000, plus a firm match of $100,000.  Thus far, over $114,000 has been paid out in assistance to staff members.

The commitment to helping others has been tightly woven into the fabric of our culture for over 40 years, and this development is a natural extension of what we call “The Withum Way.”